The Police Officers Who Weren't Shy To Bust A Move This Year

Put your hands together for these brave men and women.

From joining the "running man challenge" to a stellar performance of "Summer Nights," here are some of the finest musical acts from men and women in blue in 2016.

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Among them, in October, a cop danced up a storm with some students during a University of Florida football game after he heard "The Cupid Shuffle."

Others danced without a crowd, including a sheriff’s deputy boogied alone in an elevator on one of his final days with a Colorado police department.

Cops in New Zealand caught onto the running man challenge in May, calling out officers from Australia, Los Angeles and the U.K. to dance with them.

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Two officers in Colorado belted out Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” from their squad car. There were also the police officers from Indiana who sang “Summer Nights” from Grease as they patrolled a state fair in their golf cart.

For more memorable moments, check out our video above.

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