What The?! Animals That Appeared Places You Would Never Expect

InsideEdition.com looks at the odd places animals have turned up in 2016.

Did you hear the one about the gator that found its way behind the wheel of a car, or the snake that got loose on a flight? They may sound like jokes, but these stories of animals in unusual places in 2016 are all true.

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Alligators often found themselves acting like people this year. In Florida, a woman had an unannounced visitor to her home when a nine-foot-long gator knocked on her door late one night in May. In Texas, a woman came to her driveway to find a massive seven-foot gator behind the wheel of her car.

While deer, raccoons, and rabbits are a pretty common sight in suburban areas, imagine finding an aquatic animal in your front yard. That's exactly what happened to a Florida homeowner who saw a manatee on her lawn after the city of St. Petersburg, where she lives, flooded in June.

In August, another Florida woman heard a kitten trapped inside the dashboard of her car. After nearly 20 hours trapped in the vehicle, she was able to get a hold of some mechanics who presented her with a difficult choice: Save the cat or keep the car intact. She chose the cat, and the car was dismantled, piece by piece to free the feline.

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For people aboard this aircraft, the Samuel L. Jackson film Snakes On a Plane wasn’t in-flight entertainment but reality. Passengers on the plane en route to Mexico had an undesirable stowaway as a three-foot-long snake got loose in an overhead compartment and dropped into the cabin of the craft.

For more strange animal encounters, watch our video above.

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