See The Amazing Transformation of Abandoned Dog So Dirty That It Was Mistaken for a Wolf

Locals had been reporting a wolf sighting in a Los Angeles neighborhood.

It was a miraculous transformation for Julia, a stray dog that was found in such poor condition she was mistaken for a wolf.

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Locals in a Los Angeles neighborhood were reporting a wolf walking down the street, according to a video by Hope for Paws.

The rescue team tracked down the animal inside a gated home, but upon closer inspection, they still suspected she may have been a wolf.

Dog or coyote? Even the animal's rescue team couldn't be sure when she wandered into someone's gated front yard. (Hope for Paws)

Rescuers placed her on a leash and led her to the car, but they said it was clear she was on a lot of pain by the way she hobbled as she walked.

The animal, later named Julia, was then transported to a veterinary clinic, where it was determined she was suffering from mange, bacterial infections and malnutrition.

Julia is being cared for at a local animal hospital. (Hope for Paws)

After careful treatment and grooming, it became clear she was not a wolf or wild animal, but a stray dog that had been neglected.

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In before and after photographs by Meghan Siddall of Pixel and Paper Photography, as well as DNA results, rescuers determined Julia was actually a German shepherd-Siberian husky mix, mistaken for a dangerous animal.

Julia the German shepherd-Siberian husky mix is settling in with his new family. (Pixel and Paper Photography)

Thanks to local animal rescue ART N' Paws, Julia has been adopted into a loving home.

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