Photographer Uses Social Media to Track Down Couple After He Captured Their Proposal

"I wish somebody would have done that for me. That's why I wanted to get it to them," said Julio Salazar, the photographer who captured the touching scene.

Sometimes the best moments are unplanned.

A Chicago couple gets to relive the moment they were engaged, thanks to a local photographer, who happened to capture the surprise proposal while he was setting up for a different photo shoot.

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"It was a genuine moment, and for me, those pictures are the absolute best," Julio Salazar of JCPhotography told "They weren't expecting anyone there. It just makes it that much better."

Salazar, who has been a photographer for four years, said he was setting up his equipment in Millennium Park to photograph a client and her son, when he suddenly noticed a man dropping down to one knee, and a crowd erupting in cheers.

The man was later identified as Clay Cleveland, proposing to his girlfriend Jessica Wic.

"I honestly didn't even think I had the pictures, but when I turned around to look for the couple, they were gone," Salazar said.

He later took a look at the photos, and after a little editing, one of the shots came out clear.

Salazar said he was then determined to find the couple.

"I wish somebody would have done that for me," Salazar said. "That's why I wanted to get it to them."

He started by posting to his photography Facebook page, and then posting to several other groups in the Chicago area. "I had the whole city searching for people," Salazar said.

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Within several hours, thousands of people shared his story, and many even commented with the identity of the couple.

"I talked to them on the phone and they were super excited," Salazar said. "Her aunt and friends were all calling her, and she had no idea [I took the photo]."

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