Trump Supporter Hugs Protester He Sucker-Punched During Rally, Gets 1 Year Probation

The judge ordered the two men to speak to each other in court.

The Trump supporter who elbowed an African-American man in the face at a North Carolina rally before warning, "we might have to kill him," has made amends with the man he hit. 

John Franklin McGraw, 79, apologized to the protester, Rakeem Jones, in a Cumberland County courtroom Wednesday. After accepting the apology, Jones and McGraw shared a hug.

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During the incident at a Fayetteville rally in March, multiple videos show Jones being escorted out by security before raising a middle finger to the crowd. McGraw was then captured knocking the protester to the ground.

Afterwards, McGraw spoke immediately to Inside Edition. "Next time, we might have to kill him," he said.

When asked what he liked most about the rally, he said: "Knocking the hell out of that big mouth."

McGraw was originally charged with assault and battery and disorderly conduct, but the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office later charged him with communicating threats after investigators saw the video.

On Wednesday, McGraw pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct and assault. McGraw was sentenced to a suspended 30-day jail sentence and a year probation. 

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He apologized to Jones saying: “We've got to heal our country.”

Jones accepted the apology and the judge asked the men to hug it out in the courtroom. 

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