Proud Dad Praises Sons, 6 and 10, for Offering to Shovel Snow for Stranger in Wheelchair

"His mom's in a wheelchair, and [he said] he would want someone to help her when she needed it," the Wisconsin dad said of his 10-year-old son.

A proud Wisconsin dad is praising his two sons after they wanted to stop and lend a hand to a disabled man shoveling snow. 

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Daniel Medina, 33, of Milwaukee, told he was returning from a shopping trip Sunday with his two sons, 6 and 10, when they saw a man attempting to shovel snow from his wheelchair.

"They said they wanted to help him because he shouldn't have to do that," Medina said. "I made a U-turn and pulled up to him."

His 10-year-old son, Daniel, then asked the stranger if he had extra shovels, and the two boys got to work shoveling the man's sidewalk.

"Daniel said [he wanted to help] because his mom's in a wheelchair, and he would want someone to help her when she needed it," Medina said.

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He told his two sons usually help him shovel the snow at their, except that night when they returned home, exhausted from their good deed.

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