Air Rage Strikes Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney became a victim of air rage when he asked a passenger to raise his seat, and the angry passenger threw a punch at Romney. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Mitt Romney is the latest victim of air rage. A passenger sitting in front of the former presidential candidate became "physically violent" and actually threw a punch at Romney.

Romney and his wife Ann were on an Air Canada flight from Vancouver, where photos posted on their website show they'd been attending the winter Olympics. But things got ugly when they boarded a plane for Los Angeles.

Here's how the air rage incident started. Romney and his wife were seated in row 15 of the economy section of a plane. The passenger in the seat in front of them had his seat pushed back and Romney asked him to move it upright for takeoff. That's when the other guy reportedly became enraged and came out swinging.The angry passenger actually threw a punch.

"Governor Romney did not retaliate" says his spokesman, and he wasn't injured. "He let the crew take care of things."

The pilot returned to the gate and the passenger who allegedly made the threats was arrested, but Romney declined to press charges.

Meanwhile, movie director Kevin Smith is still fuming about being kicked off a Southwest airlines flight because he was too fat to fly.

"You guys screwed up. Why's it so hard to own up to it?", he writes on his blog today.

A Southwest spokesperson is now responding on the company blog, saying she phoned Smith personally to apologize.

"I let him know that in my 18 years here at Southwest, I have never dealt with a situation like what has been unfolding in the last 48 hours."