Haunting Christmas Videos of JonBenet Ramsey Unearthed, Including One Filmed Days Before Her Death

One of the videos shows the young beauty queen dancing and playing a toy saxophone. Days later, she was dead.

The haunting last video of JonBenet Ramsey singing "Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” has come to light, just as the 20th anniversary of her death approaches.

The video is dated December 22, 1996 — just three days before her brutal murder — and she can be seen performing at a local mall, playing a toy saxophone and getting warm applause from shoppers.

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Tragically, the 6-year-old would be murdered at Christmas — usually a child's happiest time of the year.

Christmas was magical in the Ramsey home. In a family video made in 1994, the girl can be seen is beaming with her brother, Burke, as her mother Patsy Ramsey speaks to friends and family.

JonBenet plays with two stuffed animals as her mom speaks.

Patsy then gives a tour of the house, showing off lavish decorations with Christmas trees in every room. JonBenet’s bedroom was all pink with her very own Christmas tree. She also had a stunning playroom.

Patsy said the decorations on the tree are "complete with a collection of whimsical ornaments collected from all around the world."

Burke Ramsey spoke to Dr. Phil McGraw in September about the tragic Christmas and what he remembered.

“I remember peeking down and seeing an electric train. I was super excited,” he recalled. “I think she got a big doll house, we both got bikes.”

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The children’s father, John, also spoke to Dr. Phil in September and revealed: “Patsy had sent the doll company a picture of JonBenet and they made a doll that supposedly looked like her and Patsy says the doll lying in the box kinda startled her. She said it look like JonBenet was in a coffin."

Sometime after JonBenet was put to bed on Christmas night, the magic of the holiday season turned into a family nightmare.

It was John who discovered his daughter’s lifeless body in a basement storeroom; he carried her up and placed her in front of the living room Christmas tree.

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