Parents Wake Up to Find Strange Man Holding Their 2-Year-Old Daughter

The Tempe, Arizona, couple woke up to a parent's worst nightmare.

An Arizona couple awoke to a parent's worst nightmare Thursday when the found their child in the hands of a stranger.

According to the Tempe Police Department, the woman woke up when she heard her 2-year-old daughter whimpering in their Tempe home.

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When the father followed the cries to the living room, he found the unthinkable: A man he had never seen before was holding the little girl. 

While the father fought the man, the wife called 911, KPHO reports.

"We were pulling in as the suspect was running away from the apartment," Tempe police Sgt. Josie Montenegro said. "He was ultimately Tased before [being] taken into custody."

Police have identified the suspect as 34-year-old Oren Cohen. Cops say his motive remains under investigation.

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The girl, who has a 3-month-old sister who was also in the home, was not injured.

Cohen faces charges of kidnapping, burglary and aggravated assault.

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