Boyfriend Describes Alleged Attack by 'Catwoman' Girlfriend: She Scratched My Face

Lloyd Klein said Jocelyn Wildenstein stabbed him with scissors because "she was in a rage."

The fashion designer who says he was attacked by billionaire girlfriend Jocelyn Wildenstein — known as "Catwoman" — is speaking out, as new footage of their alleged altercation surfaces.

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Fashion designer Lloyd Klein, 49, who dated the woman for 13 years, says he was attacked by her earlier this month inside their Trump World Tower apartment in Manhattan.

New video obtained by shows her allegedly attacking Klein inside the apartment. The alleged attack was supposedly sparked because Wildenstein thought he was paying more attention to his Facebook page than to her. 

Wildenstein, 71, is facing both second and third-degree assault charges. Wildenstein denies the allegations and her attorney says she acted in self defense. 

However, Klein said: "She started to scratch my face with her nails, she has very sharp nails. I have a pair of scissors and she took the scissors and started to stab me because she was enraged." 

Days after the December 7 incident, he returned to their apartment to gather his belongings, but his now former girlfriend called police, claiming he attacked her and took a set of her keys. He denies those claims.

While he was arrested on allegations of robbery, assault with intent to cause physical injury, grand larceny for taking a credit card and mischief with intent to damage property, the district attorney’s office decided to charge him with petit larceny and harassment.

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Despite a seemingly bitter end to their near-two-decade love affair, Klein says he never saw anything odd about his former flame’s surgically altered looks, even if it stops most people in their tracks.

“It was a beautiful love story," he said. "I know people don’t understand why. Whatever they say, I hear comments, we hear when we go out. I hear those comments but it doesn’t bother her.”

Klein is 23 years younger than Wildenstein and curiously, he says he never saw anything odd about her surgically altered looks, even if it stops most people in their tracks.

"When there is chemistry between two people it is what it is," Klein said. "We come from Europe, both of us. We speak French, both of us. Why do people expect me to go with a supermodel when I see them all day? Jocelyn is different, she has a beautiful heart.

"My friends keep telling me, 'we don’t think you see what we see.' in full honesty, I do not see anything wrong with her face. I guess it is shocking for some people but not for me."

They both have court dates in January.

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