Charlie Sheen Quotes Become Popular Comic Material

Charlie Sheen has been doing a lot of talking lately, and some of his quotes are quickly becoming comic material for just about everyone. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

The funky phrases Charlie Sheen has been using during his recent media blitz are taking America by storm.

"I'm on a drug. It's called Charlie Sheen!" the star said during an interview with 20/20.

Sheen's sayings are all the rage and everybody is using them.

"I'm hooked on a drug called Dave Letterman!" Letterman joked on his show.

"Tiger blood drips from my fangs!" Sheen said as his kids were taken from his mansion in Los Angeles.

"He has tiger blood, and today Tiger Woods said, 'Hey, I have Charlie Sheen's blood!" Jay Leno joked.

Sheen's constant use of the word 'winning' is actually being printed on t-shirts with an image of his face.

Sheen just made the Guiness Book of World Records for amassing a million followers on Twitter in just 25 hours.

"He went from zero to one million faster than anyone in history. Winning again!" joked Jimmy Kimmel.

Jimmy Fallon filmed a spoof about a Charlie Sheen fragrance. Want to see it, Charlie? The fragrance is called 'Winning!'" Fallon joked.

Fallon's resemblance to Sheen is remarkable as he smokes, rambles and tells the world, "The only drug I'm on is Charlie Sheen."