Oh Deer! Buck Busts Through Family's Home and Ransacks It Before Teen Shoots It

He was barricaded behind a couch.

One teen received quite the surprise when a deer busted into his home, unfortunately it wasn’t Rudolph.

Ryan Manchester, 17, was alone when an eight-point buck broke open his front door and started ransacking his house before knocking over his Christmas tree.

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Here's the video pic.twitter.com/gCGZ63GaMm

December 5, 2016

The buck apparently smelled the scent of doe urine on the tree and wanted to mate.

“When I heard it breaking in I thought it was a person breaking in so when I saw it was a deer I was relieved.  I wouldn't say I was scared, I was more shocked at what was going on,” Manchester told InsideEdition.com.

Manchester said he barricaded himself behind his couch and called animal control, but they were 15 minutes away, so he took matters into his own hands.

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He  said grabbed his father’s 9 mm handgun and tried to wait for the deer to calm down but he didn’t. The deer then noticed Manchester and stopped moving and that’s when he shot him, Manchester said.

"It was dangerous, it was an eight point buck that was trying to mate and was trapped in a place it couldn't escape,” said Manchester.

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