Police Rescue Frozen 'Elderly Woman' From Car, But She's Actually A Dummy

They smashed a car window to get her.

Police broke into a car to rescue an unresponsive, elderly woman in an abandoned vehicle – only it was a dummy.

A 911 caller had reportedly told police that a woman was frozen to death inside of the vehicle in Hudson, New York, and they quickly called in a rescue crew, according to reports.

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It was 5 degrees and the “woman” was wearing a seatbelt inside of the parked car. 

Officers smashed the window and realized it was an extremely detailed CPR dummy, with hair, real clothing, and skin blemishes, according to CNN.

Police said the owner of the car eventually showed up and informed them that he worked for a company that makes medical training supplies.

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He was reportedly upset police broke his window.

"If you park your locked vehicle on the street on a sub-zero night with a life size realistic mannequin seated in it ... we will break your window," Hudson Police Chief Edward Moore said in a statement.

No charges were filed.

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