2-Year-Old Found Suffering From Hypothermia After Being Left in the Car Overnight

The mother has been charged with child abuse.

Police arrested the mother of a 2-year-old boy after they found him alone in a car suffering from hypothermia and frostbite, according to reports.

Officers reportedly found the child in a parked vehicle outside of a strip mall in Colorado on Saturday afternoon. He’d reportedly been left there since Friday night when temperatures were below zero.

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Nicole Carmon, 26, reportedly told police that she’d been in a car accident the night before and didn’t remember the details but thought her son was still in the car. She also reportedly told police she doesn't know how she got home. 

She then led police to the general location of the vehicle but wasn’t sure where exactly the car was, police said.

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The vehicle showed no sign of having been involved in an accident, according to police. 

Police said the toddler was “in a state of severe hypothermia” but was conscious.

Carmon was charged with felony child abuse. 

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