School Bus Driver's Tirade Frightens Children

A bus driver is caught on tape throwing a small girl down while driving a bus full of students. INSIDE EDITION talks to the girl who says she's scared to ride the bus again.

New shocking video of a school bus driver losing his temper will disturb parents everywhere. The driver is caught on video yanking a child off of her seat.

"That's what's going to happen if I hit the brakes. So go in that seat and sit down!" the angry bus driver said.

After the terrified 6-year-old girl climbed back into her seat, the driver turned to yell at her again and said, "You won't listen to me!"

But the tirade was far from over. Driver Dan Taylor actually took his eyes off the road to yell at the child again. The bus continued to move at a fast speed.

"It's very dangerous you being in that aisle. I keep trying to tell you to stay in your seat! You won't listen to me. Now that's going to happen or worse!" said Taylor.

The incident happened on board a Seattle area school bus full of noisy rambunctious children. Minutes after he yanked Kynzie Reavely off her feet, the angry driver got out of his seat to confront another misbehaving child.

The surveillance video also showed him hitting another child, who was playfully balancing a backpack on his head as he boarded the bus.   

"I don't want to go on the bus anymore. I am scared to go on the bus. He used to be nice but not anymore," Reavely told INSIDE EDITION.

The driver has resigned, saying, "I admit I made a mistake," but he may face criminal charges.