Venomous Tiger Snake Found 'Chilling' in Suburban Woman's Christmas Tree

The tiger snake was well camouflaged between ornaments of a fully decorated Christmas tree.

Holiday decorating took a potentially deadly turn when this Australian woman discovered a venomous tiger snake slithering through her fully trimmed Christmas tree.

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The Melbourne woman, identified only as Cheryl, saw the 3-foot-long tiger snake carefully camouflaged between the branches of her Christmas tree over the weekend and immediately contacted a local snake catcher.

"This snake came in through an open door and was chilling in the Christmas tree," Barry Goldsmith of Snake Catcher Victoria told

According to the Australian Museum, the tiger snake is "extremely dangerous to humans" due to its toxic venom and aggressive defense tactics. The organization recommends anyone who suspects they have been bitten to seek immediate treatment.

But Goldsmith, who has been working as a snake catcher for about 30 years, insisted the creature is misunderstood: "[They're a] gentle and easy going snake that doesn't want to hurt people."

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Goldsmith said he arrived to the home after Cheryl sent him a photo of the snake, and 20 minutes later, he was able to bring the reptile to safety.

It did not appear anyone was hurt.

"The rest is hisssstory," he said.

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