Deer With Hypothermia Rescued After It's Stuck on Frozen Pond Overnight

"We kept it overnight and gave it something to eat and drink and he was on his merry way," a local deer rehabilitator said.

It was not quite a winter wonderland for this deer, who found itself stuck in a frozen pond over the weekend.

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Witnesses contacted police after spotting a deer in danger at the Buffalo Botanical Gardens in New York Friday morning.

Rescuers said the male deer might have been there overnight, through a snowstorm.

"The animal's [...] hypothermic," said Buffalo Police Underwater Recover Team Detective Leo McGrath, who was one of the first responders to the scene. "He couldn't stand up. [His legs] were too frozen, so we had to help him."

In footage by WIVB, the deer could be seen stranded in the middle of the lake, the poor animal could be seen struggling to get to his feet.

"It's very dangerous. You could fall in and be hypothermic in minutes, and succumb to hypothermia and drowning," McGrath said. "It's our safety first, the animal's secondary. But if we can do it, it's a good thing to do."

The team first familiarized themselves with the ice, which they believed to be about three or four inches thick. The ice was also cracking near the shore.

Using ropes and other equipment, they were able to reach the deer in a quick rescue, and bring it back to shore.

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The animal was then tranquilized and turned over to Leondra "Fuzzy" Scherer, a local deer rehabilitator.

"We warmed it up," Scherer told "We kept it overnight and gave it something to eat and drink and he was on his merry way."

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