Biker Captures Heart-Stopping Moment as Car Careens Off Road and Into Light Pole

The driver claimed he had suffered a medical episode before the crash.

The stunned motorcyclist who filmed an out-of-control car swerving around a Florida highway on his helmet cam has come forward, describing the terrifying situation.

The chaotic scene unfolded near Jacksonville on December 10 as the car barreled down the roadway, striking a light pole and dividers.

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"That car took a lot of damage and kept going," the biker, who asked not to be identified, told Inside Edition. 

The biker’s helmet camera he used to capture the unbelievable video.

"He was going like 45, with no wheels or all or no tires at all, just pure rim," the motorcyclist said. "By the time we got him to the side of the road, he was out cold. They were doing CPR on him."

After coming to a stop in the ditch, the action stopped and the biker ran to the wrecked vehicle to help the driver.

Other good Samaritans came over to help and discovered the driver was a diabetic and showed the symptoms of a stroke. The driver was pulled out of the vehicle as it began to smoke.

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After an ambulance arrived, the driver was taken to the hospital. The driver told Inside Edition he had a medical condition. However, he refused treatment and left the hospital.

"We are thankful he was not seriously injured in this crash or anyone else in that matter," Police Master Sergeant Dylan Bryan told Inside Edition.

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