Man Gets Locked Inside Gym, and Is Later Banned for Life After Posting About Predicament on Snapchat

Kevin Almeida didn't realize the gym had closed while he was relaxing in a Jacuzzi.

A Massachusetts man who found himself locked inside a gym after it had closed for the night has now been forbidden from returning — for life. 

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Kevin Almeida, 20, was relaxing in a Jacuzzi at an L.A. Fitness Center outside Boston earlier this month apparently not realizing he was locked in.

Instead of calling for help, he filmed a video for Snapchat, saying: “If that door is locked, I’m going to flip out! I'm going to want three months of free membership if this door is locked.”

He thought the gym closed at 11 p.m. but it actually shut down at 8 p.m., when he was stuck inside.

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His Snapchat video was viewed more than a million times, but got him kicked out of the gym because he says he refuses to pay last month’s dues over the incident.

He told Inside Edition he believes he was booted because of the attention the video brought to the gym.

"I think it was a huge injustice and I think the only reason they banned me was because the video caused negative attention," he said. 

He roamed the empty gym until he started exercising his brain and discovered an emergency exit.

All told, he was locked inside the fitness center for about 10 minutes.

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