Baby Brothers Die 2 Years Apart Under Same Circumstances, Cops Recommend Felony Charges

Azyian Newton was 7 months old when he died in his parents' bed. Nazairean Newton was 3 months old.

Police have recommended child abuse charges against the parents of two babies in Colorado who died of the same cause two years apart, according to prosecutors.

Nazairean Newton, 3 months, died on June 29 after he suffocated in his parents’ bed, authorities said. In 2014, 7-month-old Azyian Newton died the exact same way, according to police in Aurora.

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The District Attorney’s Office of the 18th Judicial District declined to press charges in the first death, but is currently investigating the police recommendation for charges in the second, spokesperson Vikki Migoya told Tuesday.

“Our obligation is always to seek justice and sometimes that means justice for people who can’t speak,” Arapahoe Chief Deputy District Attorney Leora Joseph told KDVR-TV.

After the 2014 death, dad Tyler Newton told detectives he and girlfriend Tierra Collins regularly slept with their baby between them.

Newton said he was haunted by the baby’s death. “I will never get that out of my head, just holding him in my arms and trying to get him up,” the crying father told police, according to a video of the interview obtained by the station.

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"I’d give my life to have my babies back," the mother told the station earlier this month. "I love my kids and I was doing the best that I thought I could do for my kids. I did not do anything criminally wrong."

Child care experts have long warned parents about the dangers of sleeping in the same bed with an infant. Dangers include suffocation caused by adults rolling over on a baby as well as pillows and sheets blocking an infant’s breathing passages.

Newton said charging him and the babies’ mother wouldn’t accomplish anything.

“We lost pretty much everything. We lost our kids, we lost our place, we’ve lost everything,” he told the station.

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