Secret Santa Gifts Woman Medical Supplies So She Can Walk Again

She's been confined to a chair because of her condition.

It was emotional moment as Michelle Rich learned a secret Santa had gifted her the medical supplies she desperately needed to walk again and reclaim her life.

In a video of the surprise reveal, captured by East Idaho News, Rich was noticeably shocked at the news. Not only did she receive a $1,000 check for the medical wraps she needs to counteract the severe swelling condition Lymphedema, but also two $1,000 gift cards for groceries and clothes.

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“I just felt really blessed. I feel grateful for the couple that is helping so many families in our community,” Rich told “I’m just in a hard place now so it lifted up my spirit.”

Rich hasn’t been able to walk this year due to her worsening condition, which was originally caused by a tick bite.

She said her insurance doesn’t cover the wraps she needs so she hasn’t been able to walk due to swelling.

She had to miss her daughter’s wedding in June and her other daughter’s college graduation.

“My mom is one of the most giving people you’ve ever met. She raised us a single mom and then lymphedema kind of took over. She had ovarian cancer, which made it worse,” daughter Sara Richtold “I nominated her because she deserves so much. She just needed those wraps so she can walk soon and get her life back.”

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Sara said the moment was filled with tears and a lot of emotion for the both of them, but for Rich it’s now the future she's looking forward to.

“It has been a very hard year,” said Rich. “Now I can get the medical things I need so I can get myself healed and be able to walk again.”

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