Notre Dame Basketball Player Sobs as Military Brother Surprises Him on the Court

Point guard Matt Farrell was brought to tears as his brother emerged on the court, just moments after congratulating him from the Jumbotron.

This Notre Dame basketball player had reason to celebrate after his team won the game, and his military brother — thought to be in Afghanistan — made a surprise appearance to congratulate him personally. 

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Following a victory against Colgate University, Notre Dame point guard Matt Farrell was brought to tears as his brother, Army Lieutenant Bo Farrell, who was deployed in Afghanistan, sent a video message to congratulate him and the team.

"For us, home is wherever we're together," Bo can be heard saying in the video played for the crowd on the Jumbotron. "And I look forward to being home with you soon. Really, really soon."

But, that wasn't his only surprise.

Moments later, Bo emerged on the court in person, and the brothers embraced in an emotional hug.

According to a tweet by Notre Dame Men's Basketball, Matt wasn't expecting his brother until February, long after the holidays.

WATCH:An unreal moment between two brothers.

Matt Farrell thought his brother was coming home from Afghanistan in February... he was wrong.

December 20, 2016

"Surreal," Matt tweeted after the event.

It was a similar reaction in the Tilleman household halfway across the country in Green Bay, Wisconsin, when 29-year-old Ben Tilleman surprised his mother after returning from deployment in Afghanistan.

"Once I received a date of my return, I chose to surprise my mother at my cousin's ugly sweater party," Tilleman told "I wasn't sure if I would be home for the party or not, but I bought a new sweater."

In a video posted to Facebook, Ben's sister could be seen luring their mother, Jackie Tilleman, to take a selfie together when suddenly, Ben bursts through the door they were standing in front of, and wrapping his arms around his mother in a big hug.

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Stunned, Jackie exclaimed, "What the heck!"

"It means so much to have him home for the holidays," Ben's sister Shelby Tilleman told "My family has spent Christmas and birthdays without him due to his prior deployments, so having him home for the holidays this year is amazing."

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