Woman to Adopt Children of Terminally Ill Best Friend: 'I Love These Kids With All My Heart'

It was a Christmas wish granted for a dying friend.

These women are best friends, and in the new year, one of them will be the mother of all of their kids.

Sara Hankins is in the final stages of ALS, a terminal neurological disease that’s left her unable to move around much or even breathe on her own.

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Hankins asked her buddy Missy Armstrong for a very big favor: Would she take custody of Hankins’ three youngest children – Amara, 8, Micah, 9 and Cayden, 11.

“I wanna adopt your kids. I will take them,” Armstrong replied.

“I love these kids with all my heart,” Armstrong added. “They’ve been through so much. The mom can’t just wrap her arms around them and hug them.”

Both women are single moms. And both are adamant that Hankins’ children not be split up.

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Armstrong has a 14-year-old son, Kai, but there will be room for three more kids. “I know it’s a lot,” she said. But her friend’s spirit will be there, too, she said.

The melded family plans to enjoy a last Christmas together.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for financial help. An account has also been started at Southeast National Bank in Armstrong's name.

“I love you Sara, I love you,” said Missy.

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