See Huge Fireworks Blast That Left at Least 31 Dead, Dozens Seriously Injured

A deadly chain reaction took place at the San Pablito fireworks market in Tultepec.

A fireworks market exploded in Mexico Tuesday in a deadly chain reaction that left at least 31 people dead.

An infant, several children and adolescents were among those killed in the spectacular and deadly explosion, which left the open air San Pablito bazaar in Tultepec a pile of ash and rubble.

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Mexico State health officials said about 60 people were hospitalized for injuries from Tuesday's explosion, some with burns over 90 percent of their bodies.

Mexico State authorities told The Associated Press Wednesday that the death toll was expected to go up because 11 people were listed as missing and because body parts were found at the scene.

The explosion was so deadly, in part, because it's currently the busy season for the market, which was well-stocked and full of buyers looking for pyrotechnics for the holidays.

"We are obviously in the high season," Tultepec Mayor Armando Portuguez Fuentes said. "There was more product than usual because we are a few days away from Christmas, a few days away from New Year's, and those are the days when the products made here are consumed the most."

Authorities have not indicated what may have caused the explosions.

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Eruviel Avila, the governor of Mexico State, has vowed to identify who is responsible.

"The State of Mexico is in mourning for this lamentable accident," he said on Facebook live. "We had a very difficult day."

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