Plus-Size Model Praised When Bikini Ads Show Her Stretch Marks: 'I Was as Shocked as Everyone'

Denise Bidot says it was one of the only times her stretch marks weren't Photoshopped out.

The plus-size model who became a viral sensation after she was featured in a bikini ad showing her stretch marks is speaking out.

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Denise Bidot had no idea her stretch marks would be on full display in a Lane Bryant bikini ad because unlike past photo shoots, they were not airbrushed.

“When they released these images unretouched, I was as shocked as everyone else,” she told Inside Edition. “For the last 10 years those stretched marks have been Photoshopped out of most images I’ve ever done.”

When the ad came out, she did a double take, but loved it, saying, “I still look good.”

She is getting raves online as fans praised her "realness!”

Another wrote: “Yippppeeeee!!!! It's a real body! I love it!!!!!”

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“I love that people responded so passionately," Bidot told Inside Edition.

The 30-year-old mom says her stretch marks are a badge of honor: "I was able to birth a child and carry her and take such good care of her in my belly."

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