Divided We Party: Couple Married for 24 Years Throws Fun Divorce Bash

They said it was an amicable split.

All's well that ends well.

A California teen’s parents threw themselves a divorce party after the couple decided to split after 24 years of marriage.

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Jeff Becerra and Michelle Mahoney said they realized they had fallen out of the love and decided to amicably part ways.

Their daughter, Emma Bacerra, 18, took to Twitter to share photos of the bash.

“My parents' divorce became official today so they had a divorce party,” Bacerra tweeted.

The post has been shared retweeted more than 54,000 times.

The California celebration reportedly took two months to plan and was held Saturday.

"We're not celebrating the fact that we got divorced," Becerra told ABC News. "We're celebrating the way in which we did it... keep the friendship that we have and keep as much of a family group as we can have together."

Mahoney also doesn't appear to bear any ill will toward her former husband, adding: "He's super cute, but now available."

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Emma told the station she didn’t feel sad at all about her parents’ divorce and thought the party was fun.

"People that know them understand this is something they would totally do," she said. 

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