Woman's Former Track Coach Carries Her Twins for Her After She's Diagnosed With Cancer

She thought it would be a great gift to her.

In an amazing act of love, a woman’s high school track coach decided to carry her children after she couldn’t due to a previous battle with cancer.

Emily Bennet Taylor was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in 2012 at the age of 28. She has since gone into remission and wanted to start a family, but doctors warned her that a pregnancy combined with her treatments could be disastrous.

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Taylor underwent fertility treatment anyway and produced nine embryos.

Taylor beat cancer after undergoing chemotherapy and removal of her lung and last spring reached the milestone of two years without cancer.

It was time to revisit her dream, but due to her cancer treatment, she wouldn’t be able to carry a child herself.

That’s where her previous track coaches, Angela and Aaron Stark, came in.

Angela, who followed Taylor’s blog where she bared her struggles, wanted to help.

“From the time she was diagnosed with lung cancer, I always kept thinking to myself, 'what could I do for her to make a difference?'" Stark told InsideEdition. "I just thought this was the right time to me knowing I was done with kids. It kind of just all fell in place. We thought it was a wonderful gift to her.

A short time later, Stark started receiving fertility treatments and in the summer of 2015 got pregnant with the Taylor and her husband’s twin girls.

“This is everything that I dreamed of, that motivated me through my entire treatment,” Taylor said. 

Stark said the entire pregnancy was smooth and that she and Taylor texted every day.

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Stark has three boys of her own so she knew she didn’t wanted to have any more biological children.

“It was amazing," Stark said. "It couldn’t have been better.  My whole family will forever have and extended family.”

The women still talk often and Stark is enjoying life with her new girls Hope and Maddie, who were born in April. 

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