Charlie Sheen's Got the Midas Touch

Despite the troubles in his personal and professional life in recent months, Charlie Sheen has proven everything he touches turns to gold. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

You can call Charlie Sheen a train wreck, but he's also a marketing genius. Everything he Twitters about turns to gold!

The bottle of chocolate milk from a local dairy he tweeted about just sold out of grocery stores.

And when he tweeted a photo of his favorite hot dogs, sales at The Infield hot dog stand in Sherman Oaks, California went through the roof! In gratitude, they've even named the special hot dog "The Charlie Dog with Tiger Blood."

"Charlie Sheen is showing that he's a pretty savvy marketing guy right now. He's in line to make some big money," says Bloomberg TV's Jon Erlichman.

Now Sheen's hoping an autobiography he's writing will also benefit from his Midas touch. He just tweeted the title, "Apocalypse Me," a reference to the title of his father's classic war movie Apocalypse Now.