Woman Turns Her Work Cubicle Into a Festive Log Cabin For the Ages

'I was honestly just doing it for a reaction out of my co-workers. But it brought a lot more holiday spirit,' she said.

A Pennsylvania woman got her colleagues into the holiday spirit by turning her office cubicle into an impressive log cabin.

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When Melissa O’Neill’s boss called for a cubicle decorating contest at their Toll Brothers, Inc. mortgage offices in Horsham, Pennsylvania, she got to work on securing her victory.

O’Neill and her boyfriend, Wayne, turned to YouTube for inspiration. They then visited a local carpet store, Big Marty's in Penndel, and asked for empty carpet rolls, which they wanted to use as "logs."

“We asked the carpet guy for 30 carpet rolls. He looked at me like I had lost my mind. I told him we'd take everything he'd got,” O’Neill told InsideEdition.com.

They then started building the eight-foot by nine-foot login cabin inside their basement. It took two weeks in total, but she didn't utter a word about her plan to her colleagues.

"This is the most outrageous thing I've ever done," she said, laughing.

Then last weekend, the couple dismantled the cabin and headed to O'Neill's office while no one was at work. Some of the pieces were so large they wouldn't fit in the elevator, and the couple had to haul them up three flights of stairs.

It took two hours to re-create the cabin, complete with wreaths, a sled and even a wine rack.

When her co-workers arrived to work the following Monday, everyone was blown away.

"After I put mine out, people tried to up their game," she said. Colleagues turned their cubes into Candy Land and the Island of the Misfit Toys.

But unsurprisingly, O’Neill took first place.

“I was getting emails from people in the office I've never even heard of," she said.

The cabin will stay up until the New Year, when O'Neill will give it to a co-worker, who plans to set it up at her son's themed high school prom.

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“I was honestly just doing it for a reaction out of my co-workers. But it brought a lot more holiday spirit,” she said.

This was the first year her office held the contest but it will now be an annual competition at the company.

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