Stranger Pays For Woman's Christmas Gifts After Her Credit Card Was Declined

Jemma Evans has since tracked down the kind stranger who helped her out.

When Jemma Evans' credit card was declined during a Christmas shopping trip, she learned first-hand that it's the season of giving.

The mom of two, who lives and works near Manchester, England, was trying to buy a few gifts from cosmetics store LUSH on Wednesday when the card was declined.

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When Evans' card was rejected a second time, she told the store employee that she would leave to get some cash. But when she returned 10 minutes later, the worker handed her a bag filled with the items she had intended to buy.

"She said, 'Someone has brought it for you and left a note,'" Evans explained on Facebook. "I was in shock."

On the receipt for £43.10 (approximately $53), the Secret Santa had written, "I know how stressful this time of year can be! Have a great Christmas!" She signed her name simply "Bethany."

Evans was taken aback.

"I went round looking for her," she said. "I couldn't find her. I just wanted to say thank you and I really appreciate what she has done!"

The incident made her realize "there are some really nice people in the world," she said.

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On Facebook, she asked for help tracking down the woman and, after her post was shared thousands of times, a local reporter found her good Samaritan, a charity worker named Bethany MacDonald.

On Thursday, the two women were reunited at the mall where their paths had originally crossed, and MacDonald received a £50 gift card.

When she met MacDonald, Evans thanked her for her generosity and for being "a lovely person," she told Friday. "And no stranger has ever done something this nice for me... She didn't have to do anything for me but that's just her, which is nice."

Evans said she hopes they'll stay in touch.

"She brings a smile to my face," she said.

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