Window Washers Dress as Santa and His Elves to Bring Christmas Cheer to Children's Hospital

The Florida hospital said it was a way to help bring a normal environment to the kids.

Kids at a Florida children’s hospital were treated to some early holiday cheer as Santa Claus and his elves flew in to greet them.

Window washers from A1 Orange Cleaning Service Co. dressed as St. Nick and his helpers to surprise kids on the other side of the glass at Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando.

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The children placed their hands on the windows to touch the elves and of course, Father Christmas.

“They are going through all of these rehabs and treatments and to have these fun things come, it is not only really fun for them but for me, the mom, that people care enough to visit these kids is a really big deal,” parent Jennifer Nielson told the hospital.

One parent, whose child is a patient, added: “It is really cool!”

The cleaners went around the entire 100,000 square feet of exterior windows to spread joy to children who needed their spirits lifted.

Miranda Caquias, whose child is also a patient, said: “They told us there was going to be a surprise and it definitely was.”

She added that her son was “really excited because he is really into Christmas right now and seeing Santa made him really happy.”

It is the second year that the hospital has had window washers dress as Santa and the elves. Over the summer, the cleaners dressed as superheroes to surprise the children.

The hospital told that they try to normalize the children’s lives as much as possible while they are patients inside the facility.

“Of course, they wouldn’t see elves washing windows at home, but if these patients were not in the hospital, they’d be baking cookies, decorating trees, visiting Santa at the mall," a spokesperson said.

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With smiles as bright as Rudolph’s nose, the children of all ages were thrilled to have the comfort of Santa and his elves.

“The hope is to remind them that they’re more than their illness," the hospital said.

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