Charlie Sheen is Officially Fired From Two and a Half Men

Charlie Sheen has officially been fired from his hit TV show Two and a Half Men, as he launches a show of his own on the internet. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

It's official! Charlie Sheen has been fired from Two and a Half Men.

Warner Brothers, which produces the show, sent Sheen a letter today informing him of the termination. The cable news channels broke in with the breaking news.

CBS says no decision had been made regarding the future of Two and a Half Men—meaning TV's #1 comedy might be coming back with a new leading man.

The news comes just as Sheen is buying a new Mediterranean-style mansion in Los Angeles for more than $7 million. The 9,000-square-foot home has a huge swimming pool, a master bedroom with spectacular views, and a massive kitchen where his goddesses will have plenty of room to cook.

The mansion is around the corner from where he lives now. Sheen hosted a bizarre new webcast  from his new home.

On Saturday night he showed off a new tattoo on his wrist that reads, "Winning."

"Welcome to Sheen's Korner!" he said, introducing his webcast.

On Sunday night he was back online, cursing, holding a cigarette lighter to the camera, and saying his first webcast was a "shameful train-wreck".

Meanwhile, Saturday Night Live's Bill Hader did a dead-on with his Charlie Sheen impersonation on Saturday in a skit about a Charlie Sheen talk show.

"This is a show for people who are tired of apologizing for their bitchin', gnarly, rockstar lives," joked Hadar.

"It was genius because it was based on me," Sheen tweeted later about the skit.