Fighting City Hall: Donald's Aides Feud with NYC Mayor's Office After Trump Tower Evacuation

Several grown men aired their grievances on social media.

There was panic at Trump Tower Tuesday when a suspicious package forced an evacuation, but once the all-clear was given, a social media war of words broke out between aides of the president-elect and New York City's mayor.

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Cameras captured a scene of pandemonium as people rushed to leave the Fifth Avenue building that is home to Donald and Melania Trump.

It turned out to be a false alarm, as the package found at nearby Niketown was just a backpack filled with children's toys.

What followed was a bizarre Twitter war between Trump's people and city hall.

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Trump’s spokesman, Sean Spicer, tweeted: “Back to work at Trump Tower after false alarm. Thanks NYPD."

That prompted Mayor Bill de Blasio's press secretary Eric Phillips to fire back: “No problem. We'll send you the bill.”

Trump social media director Dan Scavino then responded to Phillips: “You are an embarrassment to the @nycmayorsoffice & the amazing #nypd.”

Phillips also included a link to a Wall Street Journal article which discussed how much it is costing New York City to help protect Trump’s abode.

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