Heart Attack Grill Spokesman Dead At 29

INSIDE EDITION recently brought you the story of a high calorie burgers and fries restaurant called Heart Attack Grill. Now, a 575 pound spokesman has died at 29 years old.  

A few weeks ago INSIDE EDITION spoke with 575-pound Blair River, a spokesman for the restaurant called Heart Attack Grill. Now family and friends are mourning his death at just 29 years old.

Owner Jon Basso, who dresses like a doctor but concedes he is not, said River died of pneumonia. He admits that River's enormous weight was a factor.

"It's tragic, it's gut-wrenching. Blair never pulled any punches. He knew he wouldn't hit 80. It was just a shock that it was 29," Basso said.

Basso says 6'8" River was actually a customer who he picked to become a spokesman for the restaurant outside Phoenix. The specialty burger is the 8,000-calorie Quadruple Bypass along with Flatliner fries and Butterfat shakes.

"He was only 29 years old. On any level, do you bear any responsibility for his death?" INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked.

"I, like everyone else who sells junk food in America, should take responsibility for his death," Basso replied.