Joslyn James Shares Texts From Tiger

Tiger Woods mistress Joslyn James shares texts she received from the golfer during their three-year relationship. The former adult film star says she never intended to break up Woods's marriage. INSIDE EDITION has the exclusive.

"When you think back on some of those texts now, does it make you angry?"

"It makes me feel like an idiot," says Joslyn James.

Tiger Woods mistress Joslyn James is revealing sizzling details about sexy texts and phone calls she says she received from the golf great.


The golfer gave her two different cell phone numbers, and she says whenever he changed them he would let her know by calling or texting.

"Were you ever worried about his wife finding out?" INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked James.

"I was concerned, but I figured that was his responsibility, because she wasn't my wife," she says.


James says Woods would send her as many as 30 texts a day and she says many of those texts were about sex.


"Would he get pretty explicit?" asks Moret.

"Oh yeah...he would go into graphic detail of what he wanted to do and what he wanted me to do," she says.

James, a former adult film star, brought her cell phone to INSIDE EDITION's interview. She says she saved all her texts from Woods and offered to read them.

"Baby im not going anywhere or doing anything. You please me like no other has or ever will. Im not losing that," says one.

James says that in another text Woods suggested he was taking their relationship seriously and it was not a one-night stand: "Great thing is that we have a lifetime of this."

"So right up until the scandal broke for him and he had the accident, he was texting you and you thought everything was okay?" asks Moret.


"Did Tiger Woods make you any promises about your relationship?" Moret asks.

"Yeah, he said that we would always have what we had because he said he couldn't trust other people and there was nobody that made him feel like I did, and he said he wished he met me before he met his wife," James says.

She maintains she never intended to break up Woods's marriage and was content simply being his mistress. She also says she has empathy for the golfer's wife, Elin.

"She's going through a lot. I feel bad for her, she didn't deserve any of this, and she definitely didn't deserve to be humiliated," James says.

She tells INSIDE EDITION the scandal has turned her world upside-down. She has changed her appearance dramatically from her days as an adult film star and she says she has virtually gone into hiding.

"What would you like to see come out of all this?" Moret asks her.

"To get my life back, to feel like a human again," she says.