Babysitter Arrested After Abandoning 3 Kids in Unlocked House Because It Wasn't Clean: Cops

Police said one of the kids was covered in feces.

Police arrested a babysitter Thursday after she allegedly left the kids she was watching by themselves in an unlocked Florida home.

On Halloween, 20-year-old Joanne Simmons arrived to the West Palm Beach home to watch the three children after their mother hired her off, according to reports. 

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The mom reportedly told police that at 1 p.m. that afternoon, Simmons texted her saying she had a family emergency and asked what time she would be home.

The mom reportedly told Simmons she’d be there at 4 p.m. but if she needed to call her to continue watching the kids she would, to which she said she never received a response.

The babysitter allegedly didn’t respond for the rest of the day and when the mom returned home from work that afternoon, she told police she found her 4-year-old’s underwear coated in feces and rashes in the other children’s diapers, the result of them not being changed all day, according to reports.

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Simmons reportedly told police she abandoned the kids, but said she left because the home wasn’t clean.

Simmons has been charged with child neglect.

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