A Show of Force: Fans Honor Carrie Fisher with Lightsaber Vigil

Billboards across America also popped up featuring the actress.

Fans used the force as they gathered in California Wednesday night to honor the late Carrie Fisher in a ceremony befitting a princess.

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Instead of candles, mourners gathered in Hollywood's Downtown Disney and held a lightsaber vigil to honor the actress, who died of a heart attack Tuesday at age 60.

The event was organized on Facebook and more than 200 people came out to pay their respects to the actress who portrayed Princess Leia in the four Star Wars films.

The organizer of the event, Jeff Rowan, told KCBS: “It was a random thing. I decided that we should be paying homage to her and a lightsaber was a fitting way to say goodbye to her.”

Across the country, other tributes to Fisher have emerged.

In Iowa, someone used a billboard to pay their respects to the actress. The giant sign featured her as Leia with her name and epitaph, as well as the slogan: “#MayTheForceBeWithYou.”

Have you seen this billboard off Keosauqua Way & Crocker Street downtown? RIP Carrie Fisher. #MayTheForceBeWithYou pic.twitter.com/eSO9dsOgb0

— Tommie Clark (@TommieClarkKCCI) December 28, 2016

to whoever paid for a billboard in memory of #CarrieFisher , thank you pic.twitter.com/CPkodgjsAk

— cassidy horton (@cassidy_horton) December 29, 2016

In South Carolina, a company used billboards to pay their respects in the Star Wars font accompanying slogans that read: “Daughter. Princess. Rebel.” Another sign said: “Thank You Your Worshipfulness.”

did I see a Carrie Fisher memorial billboard on 95 this morning?? was that my imagination??

— emma (@DilEMMA144) December 29, 2016

Billboard owner said no one paid for the signs, they just wanted to honor the fierce princess Carrie Fisher. pic.twitter.com/u8fR08OvrN

— Jodi (@jodotcom) December 29, 2016

Hollywood Boulevard. was adorned with billboards featuring tributes to Fisher. 

Big crowds on Hollywood Blvd at #CarrieFisher makeshift star & #DebbieReynolds star. Mother/daughter pics alternate on digital billboard. pic.twitter.com/EHKizZviPW

— Tamara Audi (@TammyAudi) December 29, 2016

Fisher, whose last film role was reprising the intergalactic princess in 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, had reportedly filmed all of her scenes for the forthcoming Star Wars Episode VIII, which will premiere next Christmas, a source told Deadline.com.

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Fisher reportedly had a much larger role in the forthcoming Star Wars chapter, a film that will also reportedly feature her daughter, Billie Lourd.

The source added that Fisher was expected to return for Star Wars Episode IX, which won’t begin production for another year and is slated for theatrical release in 2019.

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