From the Kangaroo-Puncher to an iPad-Stealing Dolphin, the Wildest Animal Videos of 2016

This year was chock full of adorable animals and misbehaving beasts.

This year brought on many incredible animal encounters that were caught on tape, delighting the internet with wild antics. 

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During a warm May evening in South Carolina, an alligator made its way to someone’s front porch appearing to ring the doorbell.

Earlier that month, an Australian man got into an altercation with a kangaroo after it put his dog in a headlock. The man, who works at a zoo, even punched the kangaroo in the face to scare it off.

In August, Lake Tahoe beachgoers were treated to quite a show when a mama bear and her two cubs went for a dip on a sunny day.

Also in August, spectators at SeaWorld in Orlando got more than they paid for as a dolphin jumped out of the pool and snatched an iPad from a customer. 

The boiling summer saw a bear somehow locked himself in a car in July, and subsequently trashing the video as he tried to escape.

Earlier this month at the Atlanta Zoo, the "king of the jungle" thought a baby in a lion costume was his long-lost relative. The duo bonded through the glass separating the two.

But it wasn't just wild animals that caught everyone’s attention – pets impressed as well in 2016.

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One dog's dream came true when someone dressed up as his favorite toy – Gumby – and brought the character to life. The dog affectionately gazed into the costume’s eyes and chewed on the plush hand.

A little kitty used up one of its nine lives in 2016 when it fell into a sewer in January. A good Samaritan squeezed into the tiny opening and helped pull the feline out to safety.

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