Winter Wonderland: Canadians Ice Skate on Roads Following Freezing Rain

Canadian residents grabbed their ice skates and took to the streets after the roads were frozen over.

It’s the most wonderful — yet freezing — time of year!

Locals in Ontario and Montreal, Canada braced as a wintry storm, described as "freezing rain," hit the cities, causing a quarter inch of ice on Monday.

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The ice-covered roads made it unable to drive due to the dangerous weather conditions.

Some residents were even unable to walk outside of their own homes without falling or slipping onto the bitter frost.

Environment Canada issued a warning to its residents about the severity of the December storm. 

Instead of complaining about the 17-degree temperature and icy chills, however, the locals found a new way to travel.

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A few courageous citizens grabbed their ice skates and tried out their figure skating techniques and even a friendly game of hockey as the roads turned into neighborhood ice rinks. 

The locals even posted videos on social media to document their fun on the abandoned icy streets. 

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