Meow for Something Completely Different: Sneaky Christmas Cat Escapes Box as Girl Opens It

The little girl thought her parents were playing a trick on her when she opened the box, and it was empty.

An adorable 3-year-old got a Christmas gift that at first left her baffled.

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Little Channing Brooker thought her parents were playing a trick on her when she opened the gift box and found nothing inside. But it wasn't what it appeared to be.

Inside the wrapped box was a cat that managed to slyly escape as Channing's head was turned.

"It’s empty!" the girl kept telling her parents.

As the curious feline roamed around her new home behind her, Channing still believed she was being punked.

But when her parents told her, “look behind you,” she finally saw her new pet.

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Channing’s mom, actress Heather Brooker, told Inside Edition: "At first I thought: ‘Did that just happen?’ Of course, it  is just our luck, we are trying to plan this beautiful, memorable moment and then when I saw the cat jump out, I said, ‘oh, no!’”

Channing named her new pet Gracie, and you can follow the family's adventures on Heather’s site, Motherhood in Hollywood.

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