Charlie Sheen Reacts to Firing by Waving a Machete

Charlie Sheen reacted in his own unique way to being officially fired from Two and Half Men, by waving a machete from a rooftop to a cheering crowd below. INSIDE EDITION has the unusual details.

Yes, it's true. Charlie Sheen really did wave a machete from a rooftop just after being fired! A crowd gathered below to chant his now famous catchphrase "winning."

Sheen seemed ready for war, feeding off the chaotic energy, and drinking a concoction he calls Tiger Blood.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret reports from outside the building in Beverly Hills housing the offices of the concert promotors Live Nation. Sheen was there to talk about taking his crazy act on the road.

When he came down from the roof, he put a positive spin on the meltdown of his once great career, saying "Free at last! Free at last!"

Sheen admitted his lawyer, Marty Singer, wants him to stop his out of control antics.

"Marty Singer said to shut it, so I'm gonna shut it today," said Sheen.

Too late. Sheen had already taped his most bizarre and disturbing video rant yet and posted it online.

Sheen says on the video, "You judged me! You condemned me! You discarded me! Well, not anymore! Winning!"

In the video Sheen doesn't look well at all. His hair is a mess, he's pale and gaunt. At one point he even smokes a cigarette through his nose.

"Now I'm smoking a cigarette and drinking something I won't reveal unless they pay me," Sheen tells the camera.

It's almost sad to watch parts of the video.

"We should do my book, incidentally the best title of all time, Apocalypse Me, The Jaws of Life," he continues on the video.

Barbara Walters said on The View, "This man needs lithium. This man needs treatment. This is not something for us to laugh at anymore."

Dr. Drew Pinksy, who hosted a Vh-1 special on Sheen's collapse, said: "The sypmtoms of hypomania are essentially the same as being high on speed, you don't want to sleep, you feel like you're 'winning' or superior, and your words may not make a lot of sense."

Sheen seems more convinced than ever his career is on the rise.

Sheen said on his video, "We are in the middle of a movement here. An odyssey of epic proportions. Epic, epic proportions!"

But the damning eleven-page termination letter from Warner Brothers, the producers of Two and a Half Men, tells a different story. It stated outtakes of recent episodes prove that Sheen "had difficulty remembering his lines and hitting his marks."

It points out his sudden weight loss of 20 pounds after the Christmas break, and says he "appeared to be using drugs heavily."

While Sheen says there's no morals clause in his contract, Warner Brothers claims there is, saying they can fire him if he's "committed an act which constitutes a felony offense involving moral turpitude."

Sheen is vowing to sue, but there's speculation that Warner Brothers and CBS may go after him.

Legal expert Royal Oakes told lNSIDE EDITION, "Charlie Sheen's rants on the radio and wielding a machete is probably going to help Warner Brothers's case because it's going to make him come across as looking unbalanced and anybody deciding whether the termination is legal is probably going to think, you know, it seems like a company would have a right to cut loose someone who's acting like that."

Sheen also said on the video, "Keep in mind, like any time I roll something out, my plan is the best one in the room and people are starting to realize that their plan is [expletive deleted] and my plan is gold!"

One thing's for sure, the rooftop machete craziness isn't likely to help his legal case.