Dog With Abscess the Size of a Softball Is Now Happy and Healthy After Operation

A dog is now completely healthy after treatment for his softball-sized tumor.

Mango, an abandoned canine, was found wandering the streets of India in desperate need of help.

The pup was suffering from an overgrown abscess the size of a softball located directly under his chin, one that could have been fatal if left untreated.

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But just when all hope was lost, Animal Aid Unlimited received a call about Mango and his deadly condition.

Animal rescuers from the organization located the dog and were able to gain his trust by offering him food.

Soon, they took him back to their headquarters in India where they began the procedure to remove the large abscess.

The volunteers inserted a small, thin tube inside of Mango’s neck to drain the boil.

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There were no clear signs whether the pup would be fully healed, however, the operation turned out to be a success. 

In 15 days, the abscess was gone and the dog was completely back to normal.

Mango can now give a few kisses of thanks to his rescuers.

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