Woman Arrested in Connection With Shooting of Pizza Delivery Driver, Cops Searching for Shooter

Brooklyn Rouse, 21, was shot and left in critical condition on the day after Christmas while out delivering two pizzas.

A woman has been arrested in connection with the shooting that left a 21-year-old Papa John's delivery driver in critical condition on the day after Christmas. 

Police said Alisha Genva Wilson, 26, called in a phony order to a Papa John’s Pizza location in Georgia to lure a delivery driver to the Bloomfield neighborhood so she could rob her.

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Brooklyn Rouse, 21, was shot in the left cheek, her neck and head just after 8 p.m. while delivering the two pizzas after she was called into work on her day off, according to police. 

The shooting came just a week after another employee, 23-year-old Duncan Siror, was shot in the shoulder while out on a delivery in the same area. 

Police are still looking for 19-year-old Jacob Elijah Miller, who is accused of shooting Rouse as she stood outside 2443 Vivian Drive.

Rouse had only been working at the location for two weeks when the shooting occurred. She had reportedly come home for the holidays from Georgia Southern University to make a little cash.

Emergency responders found Rouse lying on the ground in pain and she was transported to the hospital, where she was listed in critical condition.

Rouse had surgery on the night that she was shot and her aunt, Latavia Coleman, said she’s doing better, according to reports.

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“She opened her eyes Tuesday evening and looked over at me... and she reached out and grabbed me,” Coleman told Macon.com. “That’s something [doctors] didn’t want her to do right now, because they want her to rest and don’t want her stimulated. But that one thing made me feel so good, like, ‘OK. She realizes this is me.”

Coleman said she doesn’t know the people who allegedly shot her niece but she hopes that Miller does the right thing.

"I don’t hate these kids," she said. "I teach, and so I’m around young kids all the time. They just need guidance... It’s not always the kids' fault that they were never taught right from wrong. But I do want justice for my niece. I want the young man to turn himself in.”

It is not clear whether Siror's shooting was connected to Rouse's. 

Coleman set up a GoFundMe to help with Rouse’s medical costs. The campaign has already raised more than $13,000.

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