Uber Driver Saves 16-Year-Old From Sex Trafficking After Overhearing Conversation

He said once he heard them talking, he knew something was wrong.

Police are crediting an Uber drive with saving a young girl from sex trafficking in Sacramento, according to reports.

Keith Avila took to Facebook after the ordeal on Monday night to share the story in a video.

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"They started like talking, like saying everything that was going on. Like what they're doing, child sex trafficking," Avila said in the video.

Avila told InsideEdition.com that he was driving Uber when two women and a teen got into his car for a requested ride and shortly after he realized something was wrong.

“The young girl was sitting on the passenger and wearing a really short skirt and looked really young. One woman was coaching the little girl,” Avila said. “She was telling her when she got there make sure the man doesn't have any weapons."

Avila also said one of the older woman reminded the girl to ask the man for a "donation" before doing anything. 

He said that's when he know something was wrong and called police. 

“It was automatic. It never occurred to me not to call the police,” said Avila.

Police arrested Destiny Pettway and Maria Westly for various charges relating to pimping and pandering. The suspected John, identified as Disney Vang, was also arrested for alleged sex with a minor.

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Police are grateful that Avila called them.

"He could've said nothing. Went on his way, collected his fare. And then that 16-year-old victim could've been victimized again by who knows how many different people over the next couple of days, weeks, months," Elk Grove police Officer Chris Trim told Fox40.

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