Monster Wave Sweeps Bride And Groom Off Their Feet

A bride and groom got more memories than they bargained for when just about everything went wrong. INSIDE EDITION caught up with the happy but unlucky couple.

It was a wedding from hell. A freak wave crashed into the bride and groom as they posed for their wedding pictures. Then a horrible rain storm pounded the tent and the water leaked through and dripped on the bride.

Kathleen Moore and Brian Solari had painstakingly planned their dream beach wedding at a picturesque spot in Sonoma, California.

They planned the wedding so precisely that they drew up computer graphics that showed the RV they would change in and the layout of the tents.

"We had back luck after bad luck," said Kathleen.

It was one horrible thing after another. The day of the wedding it rained and there were 35 mile-an-hour winds. Kathleen says she put Brian's ring on the wrong finger. The leaky roof dripped on the guests.

The couple said they actually delayed having their formal wedding pictures taken until the weather cleared up two days later. But that is when the worst mishap took place! As Kathleen and Brian posed for their pictures, they were taken out by a huge wave.

"We were not expecting it at all. It was huge. It just laid us out," Brian said.

But the bad luck was not over. Brian's wedding ring slips off his finger in the confusion of the wave.

Then the couple had planned to drive off in the RV, but they were unable to lift the jacks that stabilized it.

But despite it all, the newlyweds can laugh about the whole mess.

"It was fun while it lasted. Wouldn't do it again," said Kathleen.