Woman Known for Being Walked on Leash Takes to Facebook to Say She's Not Missing: 'I Am Fine!'

"This is to prove I am alive, and breathing and well, and not harmed at all," Anna Teshu, 23, said in a Facebook Live video shared Tuesday night.

The New York woman known for being walked in public on a leash by her boyfriend as a form of roleplaying took to social media after being reported missing to assure everyone she left to be with her "husband" and is "doing well."

"This is to prove I am alive and breathing and well, and not harmed at all," Anna Teshu, 23, said in a Facebook Live video shared Tuesday night, repeatedly noting that she is "fine."

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Teshu, who had last been seen at her mother’s Bronx apartment on Christmas Eve before her disappearance, did not reveal her location, but had previously written on social media that she wanted to move to North Carolina.

A man Teshu identified as her "husband" also appeared in the video, and she had taken on his last name on Facebook.

"I couldn't be happier being married," Teshu said. "It's the life I always wanted but never been able to have because my mom has been so damn controlling."

The woman, who has been described as having a developmental disability, gained online notoriety for wearing a dog collar and leash while her then-boyfriend Nathan Riely "walked her" at a Staten Island mall in May 2015.

A month later, she was arrested on animal cruelty charges after she allegedly left the couple’s German shepherd to die in a hot car outside the Staten Island group home where she lived.

The charges were dismissed after a judge found her mentally unfit to stand trial.

A friend reported her missing on December 27, and there was a possibility she had voluntarily gone out of a state with a boyfriend, a police source said.

Police were seeking the public’s help in locating the woman. Anyone with information is asked to visit the NYPD's Crime Stoppers website.

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But Teshu urged viewers to not worry, saying she is doing well. 

"I am fine! I couldn’t be happier right now!” she said.

“And if I wasn’t alright, you’d all know I’d be dead: ‘Oh, dog girl, shooting, blah, blah, blah,’” she continued.

InsideEdition.com has reached out to Teshu and the man who appeared with her in the video for comment. 

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