Cameraman Records Highway Crash, Then Springs to Action to Rescue Driver From Flaming Wreck

It was a harrowing moment caught on video as a stalled SUV erupted in flames on a California highway.

A videographer came to one driver’s rescue after his car burst into flames on a Los Angeles freeway in the early hours of New Year’s Day.

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The heart-stopping rescue occurred at about 3:30 a.m. on the Harbor 110 Freeway in South L.A., where the dark vehicle had no hazard lights and was stalled in the left lane. 

Videographer Austin Raishbrook tried to signal to other drivers that the SUV was frozen in one of the lanes, but it was too late, as an on-coming car plowed into the vehicle, sparking a fire.

Raishbrook leapt to the rescue and helped the driver get out of the SUV, and evidently did so just in time as the car quickly became engulfed in flames.

“I was met with a wall of flame and smoke coming out,” he told Inside Edition.

A second cameraman was rolling as Raishbrook and other rescuers tried to get to the stricken driver.

“I got him out of his seatbelt and pulled him out,” Raishbrook told Inside Edition.

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Cops and Raishbrook gave the stricken driver first aid as ambulances arrived.

Cops say the SUV driver suffered "moderate injuries."

"It was a life or death situation and I would do the exact same thing again," Raishbrook said. 

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