Mom of Boy Who Pushed Dresser Off Twin Reveals Moment She Saw Rescue: 'It Was Just Heart-Wrenching'

Little Bowdy is being hailed as "Superboy" for his amazing strength.

The mother of the two-year-old who saved his twin brother from being crushed by a dresser is opening up about the moment she saw the harrowing moment of her son's rescue on video.

Bowdy Shoff is being hailed as "Superboy" for pushing the heavy dresser after it had fallen on his twin brother, Brock.

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Their mother Kayli told Inside Edition: "It was overwhelming to see. It was just heart-wrenching."

In the surveillance video, the twins can be seen climbing on the Ikea dresser at their Utah home when it tipped over Sunday. The dresser just missed Bowdy but Brock was pinned underneath and their mom didn't hear his cries because it was early in the morning and she was still sleeping.

For two excruciating minutes, Bowdy tried to figure out how to save his brother. First he tried to lift the dresser, but it was just too heavy. Finally, he managed to push it off Brock who rolled out from under it to safety.

Kayli said the children had no injuries, adding: “We were really blessed.”

The proud mom added: "To have Bowdy do that for his brother, it's something I’ll cherish forever."

The heart-stopping accident happened less than two weeks after Ikea reached a $50 million settlement with the families of three young boys who were killed when one of their dressers fell on them in February 2014.

Kayli admits that the dresser that fell on her twins wasn't anchored to the wall as Ikea recommends.

The family has since properly anchored the dresser.

Kayli said: “We have it bolted to the wall and we took off all the handles so they cannot climb up on there and we also put latches on the bottom drawers just in case.”

Stephen Fanuka, host of DIY Network's Million Dollar Contractor, explained the right way to anchor an Ikea chest to the wall.

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"Drill a hole into the wall" with an anchor he said. Then, drill a screw into the back of the furniture and line it up with the anchor and connect the wall to the chest. 

The simple precautions can prevent a tragedy.

Last year, Ikea voluntarily recalled 29 million chests and dressers that can tip over when not anchored to a wall. The dresser involved in the latest incident was not among them.

The consumer product safety commission is now investigating.

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