Steve Markwell's Sanctuary for Out-of-Control Dogs

Steve Markwell has a special gift; he can tame dogs that no one else can handle. Markwell's Olympic Animal Sanctuary takes in out-of-control dogs and gives them a home. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The dogs at the Olympic Animal Sanctuary in Forks, Washington, are considered so bad most, people would rather see them put to sleep.

Snaps, a pit bull, attacked two women and was ordered put down.

Malaka, a border collie, bit the tip off of his dog walker's nose.

Steve Markwell runs the Olympic Animal Sanctuary, where 62 dogs, deemed so dangerous they can't be adopted, make their home. Many of the dogs were ordered to be put down, but Markwell took them in.

The dogs are sent to him from all over the country because he has an extraordinary gift for taming what some call the "world's worst dogs."

How does he do it?

Markwell bonds with the out-of-control dogs by sleeping with them in a nine-foot-by-seven-foot space until they learn to trust him.

And his technique works. INSIDE EDITION spotted Snaps lovingly licking Markwell's face.

"He's actually a really sweet, friendly dog," says Markwell.

And Malaka is just as loving towards Markwell.

But there is a painful learning curve; Steve gets bitten at least once a month.

Dogs may be man's best friends, but Steve Markwell is a dog's best friend.