Uncle Shows Up to See Newborn Niece in Suit Because He 'Wanted to Make a Good Impression'

It was a moment to remember.

A brand new uncle showed up in style to meet his newborn niece because, of course, “first impressions matter."

At least that’s what Grant Kessler said about his reasoning for showing up to the hospital room of his sister, Olivia Riner, looking dapper in a suit.

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"He was serious enough about it to wear a suit, but I think it was mainly just a joke to calm my sister down before surgery," Grant’s other sister, Iris Kessler told InsideEdition.com. "Grant was really excited about meeting her and wanted to make a good impression."

Iris said she thought the moment was hilarious.

“I laughed for a long time when I first saw him and immediately tweeted it,” she said.

And, the internet loved it too. Her post has been retweeted 41,000 times.

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"My sister was kind of in shock because my brother had joked that he was going to do it but we didn't know he was serious,” Iris said. “Everyone just thought it was really funny and typical Grant behavior."

Iris says newborn baby Carter is doing awesome and he's fortunate to have the moment to look back on.

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